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On privacy:
 62% of respondents said that their levels of privacy protection increased as a result of moving to the cloud

For example:
 61% of SMBs said both the frequency and length of downtime has decreased since moving to the cloud

As an aside my office folks think that Snowden is a bit of a Patriot and a traitor.  He betrayed the oath he took but we’re glad he leaked what he did.  We need to know this in order to make decisions accordingly and not stick our heads in the sand about how our Country operates.

And Adrienne, I’d respect you more if you approved that comment I made to your blog the other day when you first started this series.  If you have an open comment section, post comments that people make to it.  It was about the impact of PRISM which broke news on that same day you posted about these surveys.

Right now in order to properly protect cloud deployments we need to do encryption.  Which at this time, is not that cheap for SMBs.  So how about you guys in the Office 365 camps hurry up that encryption of data at rest for hosted Exchange and make it affordable for all?  We need to encrypt date BEFORE it gets up to that cloud deployment.

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