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Back box by Gramps saves the SSD image

So as my backup box by gramps nicely restored it, it wasn’t a major disaster but I just had a laptop with a Samsun SSD 830 Model MX-7PC128 crater and die. It basically froze up on us as Cliff was doing a presentation last week on Azure.  I unplugged it, plugged it back in, it […]

Migration resources from SBS 2011 to hosted/premises versions.

I started to post this on the TechNet wiki but the first draft blew up on me.  So I’ll post it here instead. Migration resources from SBS 2011 to hosted/premises versions. For those considering moving from SBS 2011 standard – on premises to hosted versions, there’s not a lot of good resources out there.  We’re […]

Getting my head around Azure

So I’m playing with a virtual machine up on the Azure public preview of Windows 2012 R2.  And you get to the hyperv managerish console through the Azure console page and a Microsoft live ID.  But you can also RDP to your virtual machine.  It’s RDP 3389 published to a non standard RDP port.  And […]

Who remembers rabbit ears

(done in an old geezer voice) Honey, I remember when phones were phones.  When cameras were cameras.  When TV rabbit ears had to be moved to get a TV station and you had to WALK across the room to change the channel.  When you’d put foil on the antennas to boost the signal. So I […]

SharePoint migration resources to Office 365

So the question came up the other day about migrating from SBS 2011 to Office 365 and hosted Exchange and SharePoint.  Hosted Exchange has tools to move the data from the premises server to the cloud – is highly recommended.  But when It came to SharePoint, it’s not as clear cut.  You can decide […]

SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2 on SBS 2011

Robert Crane has graciously done a step by step post on how to install SP2 to SharePoint 2010: CIAOPS: SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2 on SBS 2011: would still recommend not applying this yet to production machines just to make sure there’s no side effects. Hang tight for now.

Rule of Susan: Never install service packs on the first day they are out.

Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 Availability – Office Sustained Engineering – Site Home – TechNet Blogs: SharePoint 2010 sp2 is now on WSUS and up as an optional update on MU. Rule of Susan:  Never install service packs on the first day they are out.  Ever. Look for posts from Robert […]

Unraveling the mystery with Robert

Unravelling the mystery of Client DNS with Essentials family Servers | Title (Required): think I missed pointing people to Robert’s blog on Essentials servers and the interaction with DNS.  While there reading his post, if you happen to find his lost turtle, let him know about that as well.

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competency attainment policy To all of our Partner Community,In our ongoing efforts to ensure that our customers work with partners who can meet their capacity and capability needs, we are updating the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competency attainment policy.  Commencing January 2014, partners will be required to earn competencies by Country.  This means that partners with locations […]

You have six months left

Today I was chatting with someone regarding the end of life of Windows XP.  And he said.. well when we get to October when there’s six months left of XP…and I stopped him and said… well no, we have six months of Windows XP left now. In many businesses, the end of the business year […]