Dear Lync 2013 basic

When I install you to see if you will work better than the Lync 2013 web client, don’t demand a reboot.

Then when I realize you won’t work as a “guest” account and I uninstall you, don’t then cause my Outlook 2010 to have to “reinstall”.

Behave yourself.

(I swear I spend more time trying to get Lync to work than anything else)

One Thought on “Dear Lync 2013 basic

  1. Joe Raby on July 9, 2013 at 8:15 pm said:

    Just before Microsoft started updating Intune, I was using their LiveMeeting-based remote support client that’s part of Intune. Then they started talking about getting rid of LiveMeeting altogether, so that meant that the remote help desk software would need to migrate to some new version of Easy Assist. I thought it worked great, but being based on LiveMeeting had a few issues. So talking to Microsoft support, they suggested that moving from LiveMeeting to Lync was the answer. Tried it, but it doesn’t have enough for remote assistance. Then I went back to the standard Remote Assistance built into Windows, and finally found out how to get a domain-joined PC to support Remote Assistance Easy Connect. Now, it’s a good option for clients, because anyone with at least Vista can use Easy Connect, and it works on my system too (except on Windows RT 8.1, but that’s a networking bug that has been filed for a fix for the RTM – it worked in RT v1). The good thing is that the client doesn’t have to install anything for Remote Assistance because it’s already there. I tried getting clients to install the Lync remote presentation thing, but that was too much of a pain.

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