In a word?


First off 2012 R2 is not a free upgrade – unless you have software assurance.  On the server side it’s a new version, not a free upgrade.  Secondly there is no inplace upgrade option available.  It will be a manual migration to an r2 version.

So not free.

No inplace upgrade.

You are not alone. But you should still be able to purchase this with no problem. Email me at and I’ll put you in touch with folks from Microsoft to push this through. As there’s no reason Provantage shouldn’t be able to do this through Friday. and can both do this VL purchase.

In just a few days, the window will close on the ability to purchase TechNet subscriptions.  From then on a retail purchase it will be good for a year.  As a partner your TechNet subscription will expire and not be renewed.

But if you purchase TechNet over a three year volume license spread payments contract you can lock in TechNet subscriptions for the next three years. 

The trick is to buy one item of TechNet plus direct subscriptions and four of the cheapest thing in the product listing, either 4 Forefront cals, or 4 of

66J-05385 Microsoft® Win Pro DVD Playback Sngl OPEN 1 License No Level WinVistaBsnss  $6.60 (reseller buy (ex) and $9.09 RRP (ex)

With that you can get a 3 year version of TechNet under a VL contract.

But you only have a very few days until 8/31 to do this.

It’s not looking good that Microsoft will budge on the TechNet subscriptions.  I think this is a stupid move on their part.  But they aren’t listening much to me these days.

Installed just fine. 

I install Exchange updates all by themselves after all other updates are installed.  Ensure you shut off the SBS manager. 

But a note to Microsoft:

If you want to encourage us to install the new stuff, you might want to make the new stuff patch as well as the old stuff.

Starting 9/1 you can now do so.  Also keep in mind that you don’t have to sell 5 of the same thing.  You can sell one of the thing you want and four more of the cheapest thing on the price list.

Add 4 cals of Forefront – with a sku code of 37D-00101 .  Or sell a Windows 2012 Essentials server.  Remember too that R2 of Essentials is expected to RTM at the same time as Server 2012 R2 is and will be available in October along with all the rest of the releases.

So still tracking some issues with KB2859537 the kernel update but I’m not convinced that massive amount of people are hitting BSOD’s.  I see people hitting the other issues of freeze up which appears to be a rootkit or … well… a hacked or cracked OEM systems – pirated systems.

Bottom line I’m not convinced this is a bad update, rather there are impacted systems. 

The trigger are some files that are not Microsoft based, but hacked kernel files.

Not that I’m saying you should run out and patch Exchange.  But if you do on SBS 2011 and if you’ve cleaned up the SP3 folder

Be prepared that it will complain about not finding the media for SP3.

"When attempting to install this update I receive "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." When I browse for the resource it is looking for exchangeserver.msi
If you removed sp3 folder (cleaned up after yourself) it's looking for that folder location.

“I extracted the Exchange2010-SP3-x64.exe to a temporary directory then could find the exchangeserver.msi and point the dialog at it.   update then completed successfully. Post reboot , all seems Ok.”