RDS on Foundation server 2012

Heads up: New Servicing Stack Update for Windows RT, Windows 8, and
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@Susan – Yes, in operating systems prior to 2012 we would warn you when
you tried to install the RDSH role on a Domain Controller, or if you
tried to promote a domain controller that already had the RDSH role
installed. The issue was a security risk but we did not block you from
running RDSH role on a Domain Controller. Windows Server 2012 now
installs Remote Desktop Connection Broker role service as it is required
for the new RDS Management UI to function, due to the issue in the
servicing stack, you could not install RDCB role on a Domain Controller.
This update corrects that problem and now allows you install all RDS
role services on a Domain Controller. Depending on your environment, it
may still not be a good idea to do so, but it is supported.


I really really don’t like it, but if you want to do RDS on foundation server, you can.

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