FSRM cannot start with the event id: 8197.

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FSRM cannot start with the event id: 8197.



This issue not only occurs when the system account does not have permission to the quota.xml file, but also related with the srmglobalsettings.xml which is the settings file of File Server Resource Manager global configuration store.



Step1. Download Psexec tool from the link below and extract  to the C: drive


PsExec v1.98



Step2. Start  a CMD with using System account by running the psexec command


a. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the folder or the psexec tool

b. Run the command: psexec -i -d -s cmd.exe to start a new Command Prompt which is running under the System Account

c. In the new opened Command Prompt, run the commands below one by one to take ownership of the took the ownership of hidden folder SRM, quota.xml, reportsettings.xml and srmglobalsettings.xml and give the full rights to system account on the files and folders.


detailed commands:


cd \

cd “System Volume Information”

takeown /r /F srm

# Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you full control (“Y” for YES, “N” for NO or “C” to CANCEL)? Y

icacls srm /grant system:(F)

cd srm

takeown /f quota.xml

icacls quota.xml /grant System:(F)

takeown /f settings

icacls settings /grant system:(F)

cd settings

takeown /f reportsettings.xml

takeown /f srmglobalsettings.xml

icacls reportsettings.xml /grant System:(F)

icacls srmglobalsettings.xml /grant System:(F)


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