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Happy Halloween 2013!

My shoes and stockings for the evening. Happy Halloween everyone (yes blogging while waiting for trick or treaters) And that’s about as much of a selfie as you are going to get out of me.

Group policy basics for Essentials

Kudos to Kevin Weilbacher for noticing this….. if you want to set up exactly the same Group policy organizational unit structure on your Essentials boxes…. steal from this KB: re-create the MyBusiness OU manually. To do this, follow these steps: Open Active Directory Users and Computers. Right-click the domain name object. In the shortcut […]

Got home users that need extra protection

Looking for a CryptoLocker way to protect Home Users including those that have Home SKUs? Check out (yes the url is a tad… interesting… ) But I’ll give kudos for giving a solution for Home PCs.  It is WAY easier to do this in a domain I might add.  

What rules would you like to be added? Amy blogged about some updates to the CryptoLocker tool kit.  I’ll be adding some some additional exemptions and rules as well based on some of the stuff I’ve seen posted on the web, but is there any specific items you’d like added to the list? Up next in the SMBKitchen docs will be an […]

The push for Microsoft accounts

In the 8.1 release Microsoft makes it really clear that they want you to have Microsoft accounts.  Really clear.  So clear it’s really hard to keep them during the upgrade from 8 to 8.1 You can also see the push to Microsoft accounts in other areas on the box as well.   Supporting Windows Mail […]

So is cryptolocker really that bad?

So I saw an interesting comment on a web site.  Someone said that the CryptoLocker virus wasn’t a big thing.  As long as you were able to stop the process on the machine you would have an easy clean up.  I think that this person got lucky and didn’t really get hit with the real […]

Updating a Windows 8 laptop

I have a friend who gave me a Windows 8 laptop to look at.  Nothing I do to it will make it take updates. I can’t even delete the software distribution folder.  I’ve scanned it for malware.  I’ve refreshed the image.  Nothing works. So I’m going to nuke and pave this little guy.  How in […]

Not ready to give a thumbs up

We’re at the two week mark past Patch Tuesday and I’m not comfy giving a thumbs up to the following updates: 2884256 ( ) MS13-081: Description of the security update for USB drivers: October 8, 2013 2883150 ( ) MS13-081: Description of the security update for kernel-mode drivers: October 8, 2013 2876284 ( ) MS13-081: […]

Gotta love the resolution…

You cannot complete some downloads on the MSDN Subscriptions website: Love the resolution!

Creating Self Signed Cert for HyperV Boon Tee just talked about his blog post about how to generate self signed certs for hyperV replication.  That’s the url he just referred to in his talk.