Microsoft Confirms KB2862330 Windows 7 Update Problems:

So let’s get the story straight.  KB2862330 from the moment it was released indicated it might need two reboots to be properly installed.

Microsoft stated that in the known issues section at the top of the security bulletin from the moment it was released.

The system will reboot, start again and rather than coming up, will just restart a second time.  It’s expected and not a bug.

There are a few folks seeing issues with this update and quite frankly I expect it.  This is a lot of updates in the kernel section with impact to usb drivers.  Where we have a ton of third party development.  And not always the greatest third party development. 

So let’s not blow these statements out of proportion to the reality.


4 Thoughts on “So about that ‘confirming’ 2862330 update problems

  1. J. Warren on October 12, 2013 at 4:40 pm said:


    You always “speak” with such clarity on things such as this, and when you don’t know will say so and try to help. Keep it going – you are a rare commodity nowadays.


  2. J Gavin on October 14, 2013 at 10:03 am said:

    I have had repeating BSOD problems immediately after this Windows 7 update giving me a STOP code of 0x00000074 with every restart. The auto-restarts even caused my Boot partition to fill with crash debugging dumps. Something I’ve never seen before.

    I cannot access my System Restore files to undo this mess. But fortunately, I have a dual boot system that allows me to easily access every drive and every partition including the affected Windows 7 installed on a different drive. Is there any other way to remove the 2862330 update changes that were made and replace them with the previous working files and registry?
    Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

  3. bradley on October 14, 2013 at 10:38 am said:

    Gavin can you email me at (change the -at- to @) so we can get someone to look at that system?

  4. A. Fischer on October 28, 2013 at 7:44 pm said:

    As of yesterday both my laptops decided not to connect to internet with IE. I had recently done updates on both (one is an hp pavilion g4 and one is a g7). I have also recently updated the Bios on both because using HP Manager it came up as options and I thought it would help performance, etc. When both started having problems I assumed it was Bios update. However, I started surfing first through the recently installed updates. My g4 only had a couple of MS updates and one was 2574819 related to those using RDP. Since I don’t, I unistalled it and, viola, IE worked again. NOT SO FORTUNATE on my g7. I thought I would find the same update on the g7 and uninstall it and fix the same problem on that laptop but I do not see that update on there. The most recent update was on 10/17 and it was only this update 2862330, others were 3 days prior and didn’t stop my IE.
    So, would this update cause my IE to stop working? I have internet connection (and I did on my g4 as well-what I’m using now to post) but IE won’t keep working. They both have IE 10. And if this is the culprit for my g7, can I just uninstall it – or is it not that simple?

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