at least for the near future and stay with merely the Action pack subscription.

It appears that effective 11/1/2013 that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to devalue the Silver small business competency in a huge huge way.

While Action pack subscribers get 10 bizcrit calls, Silver small business compentency partners get none.

That’s right boys and girls, you spend the time passing the exams, you pay for the competency, you get a notice you can now tell everyone you are a Silver small business competency partner and you get ZERO bizcrit support cases for which to support your customer base.

In the fine print, effective 11/1 Silver small business competency folks get no bizcrit support hours. 

As an action pack subscriber, I get 10 calls, but you as a Silver Small business competency partner apparently get none.

These are server down cases when Exchange is blowing up, you have a critical issue, and the server is down.

“Business-critical issues are defined as situations that involve a system, a network, a server, or a critical program down situation that severely affects customer production or profitability. These are high-impact issues where production, operations, or development are proceeding but could be severely affected within several days.”

(fine print – it says 10Online response times vary between four hours and two days, depending on membership opportunity. See the Partner Support Community page for details. Critical incidents are defined strictly as severe customer issues that immediately impede the operation of a customer’s business (such as when a server is down). Business-critical phone support is not available for partners with only the Silver Small Business competency.

Just a fyi – I’ve seen several threads (and one private reporting) of this issue.

If you are seeing R2 kick a backup after a reboot as well can you let me know via email or via the comments section?

Unscheduled additional backups in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials:
"Whenever the server is re-started it immediately begins a Server Backup"

Windows Server 2012 R2 backup autostarts after reboot:

Just a fyi – use normal IE (not metro), put the url in the trusted site zone and in compat mode and yes, an RT device can use RWW or RWA to log into a workstation

Yes, it’s a hot pink touch keyboard… it’s all they had in the Microsoft store, the black ones were sold out…

I asked a question yesterday if you knew the cheapest way to buy SBS 4.0/4.5 with a competitive upgrade product…..


Answer:  Artisoft LanTastic.  Cost $60 as I recall.  If you bought that, you could cut the price of SBS.

BackOffice SBS 4.5 Competitive/

Product Upgrade w/5 CALs

This upgrade is designed to give competitive and Windows NT Server users
a price break. The products qualified for the offer include: Microsoft
Windows NT Server version 3.x or 4.x, Novell NetWare, Novell
IntranetWare, Novell NetWare for Small Business, IBM LAN Server, Digital
Equipment Corporation PATHWORKS, Microsoft LAN Manager, Artisoft
LANtastic, Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack SCO Xenix, UNIX,
OpenServer or UnixWare, Sun Microsystems Solaris, Solaris X86 or SunOS,
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital Equipment Corporation Ultrix,
OSF/1 or UNIX, SGI Irix

Tick tock time is running out…  you can only buy SBS 2011 OEM until 12/31/2013

To purchase SBS 4.0 and sell it to your clients?

Hint  – It was a competitive product you had to buy to get it as a cheap price… what was that product?

Tick tock countdown to 12/31 reminder

The countdown begins.

I’m going to post every day a reminder that you have until 12/31/2013 to purchase SBS 2011 via OEM. (and probably not even until then), but you don’t have much time left to officially still buy SBS 2011.

For all of you folks still on SBS 2003, you need to decide where your email wants to be.

Dear Microsoft… if you want to really make your deployers of your software mad at you… keep on like you are doing

Activate OEM without office account ??:

I think this should work…

In OEM you get a key code right?

There should be a box in there once you install the app to enter in a key code:

Mind you this is there for the ‘standalone’ products, not the Office 365 subscriptions (that I can see)


Passing this along from Derek Knight:

“It is going to get worse. We saw a massive increase in the last 2 days of new ransom ware droppers in attacks that are very likely to succeed with typical social engineering tricks

Yesterday for example we saw thousands of emails sent by botnets with plausible tricks to get them to open the attachments.

 They ranged from Amazon delivery notices ( how many users will order from Amazon each day, if 5% fall for it, that is hundreds of thousands of potential victims ) to the perennial tax notice and the latest one is

 All ones that unwary users in a corporate environment will fall for easily as well as home users

 The other big run yesterday was the old “here is the photo I promised you “ and if your system is set to hide file  extensions as most are all you see once you unzip is photoname.jpg ( the .exe suffix goes missing)

The email appears to come from someone you know with a single name like Fred or Janet or other common name

 All of these should be so well known by now that we hope that users don’t fall for them but we know that a high proportion of users will blindly open any file sent to them if it gets past either the corporate firewall/application control or the home users AV “

Outlook 2010 Calendar Folder property is empty – Microsoft Community:

I got word back as follows:


As of now, the product group has consolidated similar cases and            
currently working on the fix for the Event 27 issue, which            
is planned for the December 2013 Cumulative            
Update. Timelines can change for a number of reasons, and if            
a change does occur I will provide you with an update.  You            
can find information on the Cumulative Update release            
schedule here:  953878.             


 We have also published documentation on the Event 27 issue            
in Knowledge Base Article 2883156