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Trivia answer – cheapest way

I asked a question yesterday if you knew the cheapest way to buy SBS 4.0/4.5 with a competitive upgrade product…..


Answer:  Artisoft LanTastic.  Cost $60 as I recall.  If you bought that, you could cut the price of SBS.

BackOffice SBS 4.5 Competitive/

Product Upgrade w/5 CALs

This upgrade is designed to give competitive and Windows NT Server users a price break. The products qualified for the offer include: Microsoft Windows NT Server version 3.x or 4.x, Novell NetWare, Novell IntranetWare, Novell NetWare for Small Business, IBM LAN Server, Digital Equipment Corporation PATHWORKS, Microsoft LAN Manager, Artisoft LANtastic, Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack SCO Xenix, UNIX, OpenServer or UnixWare, Sun Microsystems Solaris, Solaris X86 or SunOS, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital Equipment Corporation Ultrix, OSF/1 or UNIX, SGI Irix

Tick tock time is running out…  you can only buy SBS 2011 OEM until 12/31/2013

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  • #   S Thorpe on 11.25.13 at 9:54 pm     

    Well I have conifgured Artisoft Lantastic, NT4 and SBS 4.5 ut just not all in the same place : )

    Nice bit of nostalgia.