Why you want to skip the Silver small business competency

at least for the near future and stay with merely the Action pack subscription.

It appears that effective 11/1/2013 that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to devalue the Silver small business competency in a huge huge way.

While Action pack subscribers get 10 bizcrit calls, Silver small business compentency partners get none.

That’s right boys and girls, you spend the time passing the exams, you pay for the competency, you get a notice you can now tell everyone you are a Silver small business competency partner and you get ZERO bizcrit support cases for which to support your customer base.


In the fine print, effective 11/1 Silver small business competency folks get no bizcrit support hours. 

As an action pack subscriber, I get 10 calls, but you as a Silver Small business competency partner apparently get none.

These are server down cases when Exchange is blowing up, you have a critical issue, and the server is down.


“Business-critical issues are defined as situations that involve a system, a network, a server, or a critical program down situation that severely affects customer production or profitability. These are high-impact issues where production, operations, or development are proceeding but could be severely affected within several days.”


(fine print – it says 10Online response times vary between four hours and two days, depending on membership opportunity. See the Partner Support Community page for details. Critical incidents are defined strictly as severe customer issues that immediately impede the operation of a customer’s business (such as when a server is down). Business-critical phone support is not available for partners with only the Silver Small Business competency.

3 Thoughts on “Why you want to skip the Silver small business competency

  1. Rolf Niedhorn on November 27, 2013 at 5:20 am said:

    As I said to you in the partner forum: I totally agree with you, that silver small Business is a 2nd class competency without BizCrit.

    My only concern is, that we won´t have MAPS for Long, as I heard rumors, that MS think about discontinuing in the near future.

    So, my collegues and me think, that the best way will be to work as vendor Independent, as possible and as close together, as possible.

    I´m as angry, as sad, cause I´m still convinced of MS Solutions.

    In the end, my hope lies in the new C.I.O., whoever it will be.

  2. This has just happened to us. MS say that there is nothing they can do to help and we are not allowed to downgrade to Action Pack.

    This is totally ridiculous and has made a mockery of the Small Business Competency.

  3. Jules Wilkinson on December 11, 2013 at 1:07 pm said:

    Yeah – I’ve been saying this since they announced the Small Business Silver Competency.
    We used to get it via Action Pack and SBSC.

    Also – They are going to make it a chargeable fee to be a Cloud Partner coming up soon (as per a November Tech Meeting).

    Sadly I think I was the only one in the room who realised.

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