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SMBKitchen: Configure Exchange 2013 external URLs

Configure Exchange 2013 external URLs   Estimated time to complete: 10 to 15 minutes There are several settings that you need to configure on the Exchange 2013 virtual directories, which include Outlook Anywhere, Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services, Offline Address Book (OAB), Outlook Web App, the Exchange admin center, and the availability service. Learn more […]

SMBKitchen: Create a mailbox

Create an Exchange 2013 mailbox   To simplify configuration of Exchange 2013 and to help test your new server later on, you need to create an Exchange 2013 mailbox. We’ll make this new mailbox a member of the Organization Management role group and you’ll use this mailbox when you configure Exchange 2013. Later on in […]

Enough is Enough Microsoft, stop making it hard for me to support you like this UPDATE : 1/30/2014 : It seems Microsoft has stopped providing Windows 7 ISO images. The Windows 7 links provided below are discontinuedWhen we have to do a repair install and the person has no media, these are the links I would post.Now that you’ve pulled these, you’ve effectively crippled all operating systems.The reality of […]

SMBKitchen: More checking on our deployment Review the setup log file You can also learn more about the installation and configuration of Exchange 2013 by reviewing the setup log file created during the setup process. During installation, Exchange Setup logs events in the Application log of Event Viewer on computers that are running Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack […]

SMBKitchen: Checking that it worked

How do I know this worked? Run Get-ExchangeServer To verify that Exchange 2013 installed successfully, run the Get-ExchangeServer cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell. A list is displayed of all Exchange server roles that are installed on the specified server when this cmdlet is run. For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Get-ExchangeServer And there’s […]

SMBKitchen: Are we insane?

Right about now in this stage of the process I am questioning my sanity.  I honestly have never installed Exchange before.  So while I want to go through the methodical step by step gui process to understand what is going on, to make this feasible from a business deployment standpoint we either need to script […]

SMBKitchen: Installing Exchange via GUI

I’m going to use this as an exercise in trying out installing Exchange via the gui (no PowerShell script).  Honestly, the most efficient way is to install this via a script but I’m doing this the slow step by step way to see what happens. Up next in our install is the prereq check where […]

SMBKitchen: Installing Exchange begins Next up we start the process of extracting the download and installing Exchange I always runas admin when I extract the file to ensure that they extract. Now in hindsight I’d put this file in a subfolder as Exchange spits files all over the place. When you go to install ensure you either do […]

SMBKitchen: Watching paint dry

We’re in the step of ‘watching paint dry’ as the full download comes down.    

SMBKitchen: Deploying Exchange 2013

At this step you want to download the latest version of Exchange 2013 (each CU is a complete build) and use that to download the copy of Exchange to the server. So whatever the latest one is, is what you want to download.