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SMBKitchen: Looking at public folders

Next up … Now up public folders…. Quoting again… “Public Folder Infrastructure In previous versions of Exchange, a public folder migration could certainly be a pain, but it was a rather straightforward procedure (unless you needed to troubleshoot) as the key method was to replicate the current public folders to the new Exchange servers, […]

SMBKitchen: Checking those connectors

Next up … Send and Receive Connector Configuration Send Connectors help your Exchange organization know where to route outbound email destined for non-local recipients, and Receive Connectors provide SMTP connectivity for other Exchange Servers, SMTP clients and inbound external mail. We’ll collect information about the configuration here to ensure that we know what Send […]

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials technical training series

Check it out…. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials technical training series now available on Microsoft Virtual Academy – The Windows Server Essentials and Small Business Server Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

SMBKitchen: Checking limits

Next up … Mailbox Quotas Quota limits for mailboxes are by default defined at a Mailbox Database level. We’ll therefore collect details about the limits currently in place. Within the Exchange Management Console, navigate to Server Configuration>Mailbox and view each respective Database properties as shown below:   I removed them from my server and thus […]

More of Robert’s tools for your back pocket

If you haven’t checked out some of Robert’s tools… check them out! Windows Server Essentials – Configuration Troubleshooter | Title (Required): Essentials 2012 Manage DNS AutoDiscovery | Title (Required): TechNet Password Expiry Email Notification:

SMBKitchen: Profiling your Exchange

Back on our proof of concept project for migrating from a SBS 2008 to Essentials… and in the meantime good news – Exchange 2013 sp1 is out which means Exchange 2013 is now finally (about time) and officially supported on 2012 R2.  So while I’m still reviewing my existing setup, I’m going to download Server […]

Finally!! Exchange 2013 sp1

Released: Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 – Exchange Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs: Okay I’ll admit I was slightly dragging my feet on the proof of concept migration blogging project because I was HOPING that sp1 for Exchange 2013 would come out that brings support of Exchange 2013 to the […]

Uncheck this

So you have a client that still has a SBS 2003 and they want to RWW into a Windows 8.1 machine? You need to uncheck a box Go into the control panel, system, remote connections and UNCHECK the “Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication” Once you do that, you […]

Items to know for Essentials R2 A couple of things to keep in mind at the present time – which are not well documented (IMHO). The first thing is that the Essentials wizards will only work when there is one and only one DC.  All those thoughts and plans of a multiple DC SMB deployment using either Essentials or […]

Godaddy’s Office 365 Just for grins I wanted to see how Godaddy set up Office 365 – was it really Office 365 or something else.  How automatic of a set up was the offering.. if you bought the domain name as part of the Office 365 package it would seem to me that they’d know what DNS […]