SMBKitchen: and now it works

Okay I don’t suck at PowerShell as much as I thought I did.  It appears there’s a slight problem with that script on 2007 servers.  If I go back to a prior version it runs just fine.  I found the prior version from this blog post:

Yeah not much to see is there?

Which also reminds me I need to check to see if Exchange 2013 automatically places limits on the mailbox sizes when installed.  I’m guessing it doesn’t as that was something to watch out for as we migrated before.

Next up is the Exchange profile analyzer….

Blogging my way (starting over) through a proof of concept migration from SBS 2008 to Essentials 2012 R2 series will be a SMB kitchen project whitepaper. More about the SMBKitchen project at –

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