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So here’s another reason I’m a fan of planning for RDgateway even though I’m NOT a fan of the licensing for it.

BYOD.  With RDgateway I can use the Mac remote desktop client app and even have a Mac remote into a SBS network.  Ipad/Android… anything that has the ability to support the RDgateway setting means that I can remote into it.

But yeah… the licensing/pricing of it… I’m not so fun of.

So your homework tonight is to read this post and see what you think of it…

And I’ll give you a hint.. I don’t set up that many hard drives in my virtual Exchange deployments…do you?

One Thought on “SMBKitchen: BYOD

  1. Keith Campbell on March 7, 2014 at 3:54 am said:

    “For most Exchange 2013 implementations 7200RPM SAS or SATA disks will be fine.” Philip Elder would not be happy!

    OBR10 (One Big RAID 10) of 8x 2.5in 10k 300 or 600GB SAS drives is what I have settled on for production – fills the ML350p nicely, avoids UBR risk.

    Looking at my older SBS builds I found it surprising how long and sustained the disk queue can get when Trend Micro pulls an update down and distributes it with just a mirrored pair of these drives for the OS.

    I really liked 2x mirrored sets because of the extra disaster recovery options it gives you – you don’t always have a second server with the same RAID controller handy and if you still have good drives the most recent data is always on the drives, not the last backup.

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