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Hey! I’m listed in the photo!

Look real hard I’m listed on the right hand side by the tire.

Disney Pixar Cars 2 RONNIE DEL COOPER

Disney Pixar Cars 2 RONNIE DEL COOPER loose & new | eBay:

Guess who’s going to see Cars 2 and who may just have to get that.

I haven’t done that to my car….

knitting a road trip, complete « KnittaPlease:

I haven’t done that to my car….


Happy Valentines day

(a day early I know)

So how many SBSers will fit, I wonder?


Hang on, I’d have to donate my Mini Cooper to find out…. hmmm maybe not a good idea then. 

The upcoming Disney/Pixar Cars movie has some special guest stars….

The upcoming Disney/Pixar Cars movie has some special guest stars….

Can you spot them?  They are highlighted in the picture above.


(look at about 44 seconds into the clip)

Doesn’t everyone?

Doesn’t everyone make a toy Mini Cooper while they are in Downtown Disney?

I made mine more ‘classic’.

Yes you’ll have to deal with another off topic mini cooper post until a new hard drive arrives for my HyperV box so I can get back to SBS 2011 migration posts.

Now that’s a hard drive

Is that cool or what?  🙂


Vroom vroom scroll scroll

Yes, it was a moral imperative that I had to buy it.

It’s a Mini radio

MINI Space – Blog – Limited Edition “MINI rocks sonoro” Internet Radio: Maximum Sound Meets Minimalist Design – creative projects, competitions, events, thoughts and ideas, by MINI:

Cool thing we got at home.  It’s a radio.  It’s an internet radio.  It connects to your wireless or LAN.  It plays your iPod or iPhone.

So not only does this connect to the Internet, but if it’s inside your local network it sees your music folders and can play the music from there as it can do media streaming (mind you it’s a bit annoying to have some of your collection Apple DRM gated).

Oh, yeah.  If you noticed, it just happens to be Mini Cooper in styling.

Not that we bought it just for that reason mind you…

Of course not.