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Computer monitoring errors in SBS 2011 Essentials

Two bugs

Bug one:  Install the sbsbpa on the server and leave it as the defaults and it will throw off errors on every single client.  Remove it, all is well.  Workaround for now is to only install the BPA on an Essentials box when you need to run a scan, remove it for now.

Bug two:  If you have archived computer backups but have removed the computers the UR2 update tries to do an inventory of the network looking for Mac clients to update.  Because these past workstations are in the device XML listing, the inventory process will cause an alert every 1/2 hour to go off.

In 30 minutes that will be green again.  Another 30 minutes more and it will be back to yellow.

If you are seeing this and your network does NOT have any archived backups in the console, please email me at as I want to talk with you as to exactly what you are seeing in SBS Essentials.

Both bugs above are being worked on and there will be future fix.  Stay tuned.

SBS 2011 Essentials migration – InvalidOwnerofMachine

Rob hit another issue with his SBS 2011 Essentials migration from SBS 2003:  “I couldn’t connect this one workstation to the network; the ClientDeploy log showed the error as InvalidOwnerOfMachine.  The problem is fully described at

The log file showed the following:

[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Entering JoinNetworkTask.Run
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Network Join Client to Server: ClientComputerName=LABDELLD610-2 ServerName=ALPHA
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Maximum amount of joined machines: 30
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Current amount of joined machines: 4
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Server already contains a computer joined with Client Machine Name
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Network Join has been forced
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Running Network Join
[2108] 110913.145924.7363: ClientSetup: Call MachineIdentity.GetCert
[2108] 110913.145928.1318: ClientSetup: JoinNetwork had errors: ErrorCatalog:InvalidOwnerOfMachine ErrorCode:-1
BaseException: Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityException: MachineIdentityManager.GetCert
at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityManager.GetCert(String serverName, String userName, String password, Boolean bForce)
at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.ClientSetup.ClientDeploy.JoinNetworkTask.Run(WizData data)
[2108] 110913.145928.1318: ClientSetup: Exiting JoinNetworkTask.Run
[2108] 110913.145928.1328: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.JoinNetwork has TaskStatus=Failed
[2108] 110913.145928.1328: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.JoinNetwork has RebootStatus=NoReboot
[2108] 110913.145928.1328: ClientSetup: Exting ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
[3560] 110913.145928.1396: ClientSetup: JoinNetwork Tasks returned TaskStatus=Failed

Their solution didn’t work for me, however.  The only way I could get the Connect Computer wizard to successfully run was to use the domain admin account when the wizard asked for network name and password.  After the wizard completed I restarted and logged in as the correct user, and all was well.

NetJoinChecker::QueryNetJoinStatus – Domain Joined, but to a different domain problem

Rob hit an issue in migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Essentials:

I ran into another, similar migration problem today.  The domain name is dom-name.local and the netbios domain name is DOMNAME.  Works fine in all regards except when trying to run the ComputerConnector.exe program to add the existing domain computers to the SBS 2011 Essentials dashboard.  ComputerConnector.exe fails with an error saying “This computer is already connected to another Windows server.”  Reviewing the CSetup.log file shows the following lines:

[02/10/2012 12:28:09 1ca4] NetJoinChecker::QueryNetJoinStatus – Compare domains xml: ServerDomain=dom-name  ClientDomain=DOMNAME
[02/10/2012 12:28:09 1ca4] NetJoinChecker::QueryNetJoinStatus – Domain Joined, but to a different domain
[02/10/2012 12:28:09 1ca4] CSetup::RunTasks: Running Task: Id=-1 Description=Check Pending Reboot Index=  2
[02/10/2012 12:28:09 2594] CSetup::ReqsErrorDlgProc: IDD_PROPPAGE_REQS_ERROR Initialization
[02/10/2012 12:28:09 2594] NetJoin not valid, JoinStatus=4.
[02/10/2012 12:28:36 2594] wmain: End of CSetup: hr=0x80004005

This solution (edit the xml file – see below) worked great, although timing was critical.  You have to start the Connect Computer wizard, let it pause at the first screen, and then modify the xml file.  After that, the wizard ran fine.

1. On the client machine, edit the *ServerInfo.Xml* file at the
following location:

*C:\Windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\ServerInfo.Xml*

2. Find the following contents:



3. Manually change the *DomainNetBiosName *value per your network

After that, please running CSetup from the temp folder above.

At this time, the client should be able to run the connect computer
wizard successfully.

Posted on this wiki here:

Installing that connector software

When you start installing the connector software from SBS Essentials on your clients, one of the things you might want to bookmark is this wiki page: that gives you tips of different client connector installation issues we’ve seen so far.

Got SBS Essentials?

First off some foundations, unlike SBS Standard you either need to park the url under or you need to buy a SSL cert.  But the wizard assumes that you will want to buy your SSL cert from the domain vendor you have your domain name parked under …and well sometimes you don’t do that.

So what’s an SBS-E to do? 

How to Install Your Existing Certificate into SBS Essentials – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Follow that blog to take ANY third party SSL cert you’ve purchased and install it on your SBS 2011 Essential Server.

I’ll post it up on the so we won’t forget it.

Two new articles published in the Wiki to help you troubleshoot Certificates and Client Deployment –

Two new articles published in the Wiki to help you troubleshoot Certificates and Client Deployment – Windows Small Business Server Documentation – Site Home – MSDN Blogs:

Keep in mind these are wikis so if you find there are fixes you found that work for you, you can edit them.

YouTube – ‪SBS 2011 Essentials and Office 365 Video 3 (Domain Name)‬‏:

YouTube – ‪SBS 2011 Essentials and Office 365 Video 3 (Domain Name)‬‏:

Nice video of putting all of the pieces of the DNS together to make the glue of Office 365 work.

Saw this posted as a question to that video
“The problem is that the initial O365 account cannot be changed to use the custom domain, yet it cannot be deleted or certain SharePoint administration functionality is no longer available.

Or is that possible with an E1 plan (instead of the basic P1 plan)?”

The SMB mvp tour gnome answered that the block on a real domain was just for the beta.  That’s what I understood as well.

Start sniffin’

From the SBS Essentials forum – the question was asked if the Office 365 integration piece was ready for testing.  Short answer is no. Not yet. That said, it might be wise to start looking at the various hosted exchange platforms you might want to roll out.

In this corner is the Office 365 offerings — Now keep in mind that the Lync Online won’t do telephone dialing without an on premise lync server (which kinda defeats the purpose of the essential box)

If you are an ExchangeDefender customer check out the beta for the essential integration –

If you are an intermedia customer – ask them about their plans –

Bottom line start sniffing around your vendors and asking them what their plans are.

Make sure you’ve got a good burn

When downloading SBS Essentials from the eval site you might want to run a Sha1 test to make sure that the download is a good download.

SHA1: 58FE96CD15B46107C0030713CB75A18B5FAFEF69  ISO/CRC: 1345F2EF

Z:\>fciv en-us_sbs_ESS_eval_installdvd.iso -sha1
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
664d2d01564070f11699bcc219fbe4ad48866d99 en-us_sbs_ess_eval_installdvd.iso Is the Sha1 I received.  The MD5 was d96ad518b35fb02e67b728d988007ea8 en-us_sbs_ess_eval_installdvd.iso

One interesting recent kb that may impact you when to try to install the server is this one:

Who knew that uppercase and lowercase mattered.

Getting ready for SBS Essentials?

Getting ready for SBS Essentials?  I just worked on a wiki post for router information for SBS 2011 Essentials

Remember it can be headless, it won’t host email or SharePoint so there’s no need to open up ports 25 or 987.