Visual Basic 9 (VB9) .Net Framework Version Targetting

Visual Studio 2008 supports targetting different versions of the .Net framework. In previous versions you had to use the version of Visual Studio which corresponded to the version of the .Net framework you are targetting (e.g. VS2002 = .net 1.0, VS2003 = .net 1.1, and VS2005 = .Net 2.0). VS2008 will let you target any of .net 2.0, .net 3.0, or .net 3.5.

With this in mind I decided to upgrade one of my big VB.Net projects from a VS2005 solution to VS2008 so I could start leveraging some of the new functionality. Unfortunately trying to figure out where the framework targetting selection for VB9 is was not particuarly obvious.

This functionality is right on the Application tab of the project settings in a C# project. Visual Basic on the other hand has done a pretty good job burying it. The setting is inside the properties of your project under Compile>Advanced Compile Options. It’s the last dropdown – “Target framework (all configurations)”.

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