TechEd 2009 LA – I’ll Be There

Coming to TechEd in a couple weeks? Come say Hello! I’ll be hanging out at the MS Active Directory booth in the Technical Learning Center all week answering questions and talking to customers. I’ll be at the booth for sure in the afternoon every day, and I’ll probably be around most mornings (but no promises there). If you’re going to be at TechEd, come say hello.

As far as Active Directory, 4th Ed goes, if you’ve got a copy and would like to get it signed, bring it with. If you don’t have a copy, I understand they will be for sale at the TechEd book store. It’s usually near the front door somewhere. You could also pick one up from Amazon (at a discount off list) and bring it along.

Recording of my Active Directory 2008 R2 Webcast Now Available

If you weren’t able to make the webcast that Laura and I did last week on What’s New in Active Directory for Windows Server 2008 R2, there is now a recording available that you can watch any time. Additionally, note the O’Reilly discount code at the bottom of this post. It’s good through May 1, 2009 for 40% off your order from! I’ve also uploaded the slides and you can find them here.

We’re pleased to let you know that the recording of the recent O’Reilly webcast by Laura E. Hunter and Brian Desmond is now ready for viewing: What’s New in Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory.

The recording is available on our webcast page or view it in higher resolution on the O’Reilly YouTube channel (Click the "HD" button on the movie window to view it in high definition.) Please feel free to share it with others.

And, to thank you for registering for this webcast, we’re offering you a discount code good for 40% off your entire book order from O’Reilly. Just use the code 4CAST in the shopping cart when you check out to take 40% off your order (our apologies—this discount doesn’t work in the UK shopping cart).

Here are some titles that may interest you:

Active Directory, Fourth Edition by Brian Desmond, Joe Richards, Robbie Allen, Alistair G. Lowe-Norris

By giving you a thorough grounding in Active Directory, this bestselling book teaches you how to design, manage, and maintain an AD infrastructure, whether it’s for a small business network or a multinational enterprise with thousands of resources, services, and users. The fourth edition covers Active Directory from Windows 2000 through Windows Server 2008 in an easy-to-understand narrative style.

Active Directory Cookbook, Third Edition by Laura E. Hunter, Robbie Allen

When you need practical hands-on support for Active Directory, the updated edition of this Cookbook provides quick solutions to more than 300 problems you might encounter when deploying, administering, and automating Microsoft’s network directory service. You’ll find recipes for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), ADAM, multi-master replication, Domain Name System (DNS), Group Policy, the Active Directory Schema, and many other features. This discount code is only valid through May 1, 2009. You may use it more than once, and share it with your family and friends.

Thanks again for your interest in O’Reilly webcasts. Visit for news about future webcasts.


The O’Reilly Webcast Team

WS2008 R2 Active Directory Webcast – Tomorrow, Friday 4/24

Tomorrow, Laura Hunter and I will be doing a webcast discussing and demoing the new Active Directory features in Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as answering AD questions. We have a 90 minute slot and I expect we will spend ~45-60 minutes on R2 and the remainder taking questions on the presentation and AD in general.

We’d love to see you there. The webcast is hosted by O’Reilly and is free to attend. If you can’t make it, a recording will be available. Here are the details:

Registration Link –

Date: Friday, April 24, 2009

Time: 10am PT, San Francisco
6pm – London | 1pm – New York | Sat, Apr 25th at 3am – Sydney | Sat, Apr 25th at 2am – Tokyo | Sat, Apr 25th at 1am – Beijing | 10:30pm – Mumbai

Presented by: Brian Desmond, Laura E. Hunter

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: Free

Determining which VMWare Workstation VM is Using CPU Resources

I have a dedicated machine which I use for running virtual machines on top of VMWare Workstation. I have about thirteen VMs going right now which is typically no problem. I have been having sluggish performance all week and finally decided to look in the host’s task manager and discovered the host was running at 100% CPU.

VMWare Workstation runs each VM inside a separate process so it’s easy to see which process was consuming all of the CPU. What’s not easy to do with Workstation (at least as far as I know) is figure out what VM a specific process maps to. Fortunately, Process Explorer makes this quite easy.

Open Process Explorer and sort on the CPU column. Double click the vmware-vmx.exe instance that is hogging the CPU and look at the Current Directory textbox. The textbox has the path to the VM running inside the process.

Exchange 2007 Protocol Logging – IMAP & POP

I had a question come across my desk the other day about how to enable protocol logging in Exchange 2007 for IMAP and POP. Protocol logging for these protocols generates comma delimited logs similar to HTTP logs (except for IMAP). In Exchange 2003 you enabled these with a couple of registry tweaks. These don’t however work in Exchange 2007. Exchange 2007 instead uses a couple of config files on the file system.

To enable the logging for IMAP, you would do this:

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\PopImap
  2. Open Microsoft.Exchange.Imap4.exe.config with text editor (e.g. Notepad) and scroll to the bottom
  3. Modify ProtocolLog from false to true.
  4. Modify LogPath as necessary
  5. Restart the MsExchangeImap4 service

For POP, simply edit Microsoft.Exchange.Pop3.exe.config instead and restart the MsExcahngePop3 service.

You can use a number of tools to parse the logs, although one tool I would recommend is LogParser from Microsoft.