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September 18th 2006 in 2101, 2102, 2104

My trustworthy designer, Andrew "Gerkin" Erkins has created the minimalistic design that i asked for.

one of the pet projects i'm trying to get off the ground is a C#.Net community – enter stage right,

The design is done,now i just need to start coding up the site.

I'm currently planning on keeping the following "topics" mandatory:

  1. ASP.Net (C#)
  2. WinForms (C#)
  3. SQL Server 2005 CLR Integration (C#)

The breakdown of each section is still to be determined, but i'm working on creating an "Author" portal for each section for registered "Authors" to publish their articles, tutorials etc. A blog may also become available at a later stage (still contemplating that one).

The sites fundamentals will be ASP.Net and Atlas. The data source will of course be SQL Server 2005. Other applications may be installed at some stage (such as sharepoint 2007) but is open for review at this stage.

For a quick review of the design click here


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