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CodeKeep error surfacing..

January 10th 2007 in 2115

Well, one of my favorite Visual Studio add-ins, CodeKeep, is throwing an error whenever i try to “keep” or view any of my snippets.

it’s most frustrating because i’ve been using it for quite a while without any issues, but all of a sudden its throwing a tantrum :(

the error is:

CodeKeep error...

I enlisted a very smart guy, James Avery ( who runs a pretty good site for Visual Studio ( which incidentially is also the title to a cool book he’s written. i’d seriously recommend ANY serious geek to get hold of that book….Anyways, back to Mr. Avery…he pointed me in the direction of proxies and tomorrow i’m off to check with the IT Admin at work to tell him to turn it off for me…Thanks James..


Update: solution to this is to circumvent the proxy, or have your IT Administrator setup the proxy so that the domain is excempt.

Thanks to James for being a sport and giving me the tips for this solution.

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“CodeKeep error surfacing..”


well it’s fixed – seemed it WAS the proxy that was causing the problems…a simple exception and it’s working.

fantastic A+ to James Avery


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