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Visual Studio GUI tips #2

January 15th 2007 in 2115

Back to Visual Studio again – it is afterall my personal favorite development GUI (go figure, durr!!).

One of the few tricks to helping you out is how to create a tasklist – it can be useful if you get a call, just as you’re in the middle of some code, for a change to a particular method or piece of business logic.

can’t rummage around for a pen (it fell on the floor, behind the desk!!) and your system resources are running low – well pick an excuse..doesn’t really matter..

i’ve found it easy to simple do this:

//TODO: TL is again asking for changes to the layout on the report page. do X, Y and Z….
then, simply press CTRL+W,T (that’s CTRL and W together, release W and press T while still holding CTRL down) and you’ll get a nice handy tasklist.

can also use it for code that you want to re-visit later on, or use it as a reminder..again, pick a reason..

Lastly, another tip for storing quick snippets for re-use. simply dock your Toolbox (usually found on the left hand side per default), highlight a piece of code and drag it there. Voila, you now have stored the snippet for re-use.

cheers and happy coding…


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