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Calling Visual Studio 2005 fix for Vista – when can we expect a fix?

January 28th 2007 in 2115

hmmmmmm…i’m going to look for a way to get some information on when the Visual Studio development team is going to fix the issues Vista has with Visual Studio 2005.

Just had an unexpected crash and now i can’t open up my solution again. great…back to the drawing board and start over.


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I recently began communicating with an australian developer, Boyne Cutting, about a small side-line project we both had an interest in after I published some messages on the Port80 forums, an australian Web, Design and Development association, where i moderate a .Net and ASP section.
To my surprise, Boyne has pretty much the same attitude […]

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Have a listen to this – absolutely hillarious!! imitation artist in radio studio sings Baa Baa Blacksheep…
again, my anonymous colleague sent this to me today!!!
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