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Personal project goes blah :-(

February 20th 2007 in 2104, 2558

I finally decided to take time to finish off and wanted to get a blog up and running on it for the “community” and figured i’d look into getting Community Server running there as i knew that Telligent Systems used to have (keyword here is “used” it appears) a community license – basically free – which could be used if you were using it as not-for-profit.

but, alas, that’s no longer the case..they now have a Personal version, which is simply too restrictive for me to even consider it.


User banners – nopes
Allowed to display ads: nopes
Logo and Ad requirements – yeps, got to display ads
Source code: nopes

well, the fact that i cant use banners or ads (lets say i get sponsors onboard for the community? or want to display an “ad” for a specific event?) is a let down…secondly, that i have to display their ads and banners..another bummer.

I can understand that they run a business and i’m sure they’ve been screwed around before by people using the source code OR the community “free” license to make money and that’s obviously what’s brought this on.

granted, the Personal edition is free so i guess i can’t complain..hmmm…

well, the search goes on for another blog server which is free (obviously), runs on .Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005.

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“Personal project goes blah :-(”

Marshall Harrison - "the gotspeech guy"

Have you emailed Telligent?

They provided GotSpeech with an enterprise license and I thought they were still doing that for .NET communities.


nopes..haven’t emailed them..

looks like it might be a good idea..

Thanks Marshall for letting me know that they provided you with a license..maybe they’ll be really nice and provide me with one.

Jason Alexander

Hey Brian!

Yes, email Donnie Condor at dcondor [at] telligent [dot] com – he’s one of our inside sales guys that can work with you. I can’t imagine it will be a problem at all.

And, if you do run into issues please email me – jalexander [at] telligent [dot] com.

Thanks Brian!
CTO, Telligent


Fantastic Jason!! will email Donnie today…

Scott Watermasysk

I know Jason already commented, but I wanted to point out a couple of things:

1. We do not require you (in any version) to display “our” ads. The only requirement is you display the CS logo. Your own ability to display ads does vary by license.

2. Source Code – we will publish the CS 2007 source code. We just do not publish code as part of the betas.



Hey Scott,

Thanks for stopping by and filling me in, on what appears to be a misunderstanding.

When i read the information on the community server website i saw that the Personal edition had “Logo and Ad Requirements”. Now reading further into that from the site i found this:

“The Personal Edition requires the display of a Community Server logo in the footer of any page that uses Community Server technology and may require the display of ads.”


The logo is absolutely no problem – would even have thought that to be a requirement on a commercial license as well…Maybe the info on the site is a bit out of date or maybe i was just looking at the wrong part.

i was able to find the source for 1.0 and 1.1 but not the new(er) versions (eg. 2.0 and 2.1) but i assume now that 2.1 is in Beta still so that’d explain it.

Anyways, i’ve already emailed Donnie and hopefully he’ll get back to me when he has a spare moment or two.


Good news!!! Donnie just got back to me and sent me a Professional license!!

thanks for tipping in for my project guys – really appreciate the support!


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