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Sahil Malik explains tsql’s new feature "for xml".

February 21st 2007 in 2103

After having read through Rob’s post about “scripting objects” and commented on it I saw that Sahil Malik had written a great post about the “For XML” feature of SQL Server’s TSQL!

He questioned why so few actually used it, when it obviously (according to Sahil that is) is a very powerful feature.

I fully believe it’s simply because very few are actually aware of its existence – which is odd because it’s published all over the place – but hey, horses for courses i say.

Anyways, good work Sahil on putting the techie blabber into conversational english for those that are eloquently challenged (eg. he has simplified the explanation somewhat).

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“Sahil Malik explains tsql’s new feature "for xml".”

Sahil Malik

LOL, hey man – are you calling my readers eloquently challenged?


But the key thing here is that when you don’t use a column name, and you use FOR XML PATH (”), you get a concatenated string (and no angle brackets)


Hey Sahil – well i wouldn’t do that except i happen to know that Bill Ryan and myself are reading your blog regularly 😉 he hehe

Sahil Malik

LOL, Brian – y’know what, I would love to go party downtown once with both of you together.


he hehehe…you’re a strange man Sahil – not many would actually volenteer for that type of socialising…something tells me that Bill’s a bit of a nutter :) me on the other hand, am completely harmless :)


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