Free SQL Server Training Videos…

The Godfather, Scott Guthrie, just informed people to the fact that they’ve just released a whole range, of brilliant imho, training videos for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express over at

When i first looked at the range of videos i was actually surprised with the contents – with basic database videos such as What is a Database and Understanding Database Tables and Records it brought me back to my earli(er) days. The videos range from about 30 odd miniutes and up to around 1hr long and they’re fairly good quality.

When the surprised had settled a little smile crept out – when i consider how often i’ve expressed my opinion of how low skilled with databases a lot of developers really are, i can’t help but think how appropriate these videos are. Instead of taking the tone of the big new features of SQL Server 2005 they’ve taken the time to get back to basics and cover what is essentially basic knowledge which i believe ANY developer should possess.

I know full well that nobody can cover every aspect of programming and the supporting technologies – there’s simply just too much to absorb (though, with Scott i’m not sure mortal rules apply) – same really goes for people like Sahil Malik, Henrik Lykke Nielsen, Scott Hanselman, Greg Low, Greg Linwood (my very own favorite DB Guru) and of course the sexiest developer in the world – Chuck. Some of these guys are simply an inspiration to the development community.

taking in light the skills of these guys, it’s not completely irresponsibly of me to hope, yes just hope, that databases would be covered in just a little part of the repertoire of skills we possess these days? I don’t know if i’m more or less being fanatical and painting everybody else with my opinions – yes i know, oppressive isn’t it…human rights and all that stuff!

But i don’t think you realise how often it’s seen today…a shame really because just to get up to scratch with a basic skillset you don’t need to spend years working with it – so in saying that, i’m very happy to see the ASP.Net team at released the range of videos that they have.

Anyways – back on track – on post which i don’t think i’ve seen before was also by Scott Guthrie (i know, does this guys ever sleep..or eat??), which was Tip/Trick: Online Database Schema Samples Library. Nice starter….it pointed to this which is a HUUUGE collection of schemas..i think there’s at least 400 (if not more) sample schemas there.