(explicit) what pisses me off!!

First off, know that this post will most certainly contain explicits (eg. foul language) so if you’re of a sensitive nature OR under age you probably shouldn’t read any further.

Well – the weekend started off with the weather being rather pleasant. At least at 7am when i got up saturday morning it was nice. I knew that my wife was expecting some pants to be delivered from a Meyers store in town because they forgot to take the security tag off them when she bought them earlier in the week – and she needed them for a wedding we had to go to later that day.

The gentleman arrives and knocks on the door and the first words he say is “I’m sorry mate, but i think i have some bad news” – first thought was “the pants!!”..but no. it wasn’t the pants, which he had with him in a Meyers bag for me. No, it was much much worse than that.

Before i go into things, here’s a few issues I have with people who are either:

1) incapable of respecting the property and/or privacy of other people.
2) too stupid to realise that when you haven’t paid for something, it really isn’t yours.
3) inbred to the extent where their intellect and common knowledge cannot conceive of the term “property”.

I don’t tolerate people who cannot, in any way, help themselves when they see something they want – which isn’t theirs – and take it…in other words, i hate fucking thieves……

Now – what was it that pissed me off? Well, some punk ass fucking kid (i term it kid regardless of age, seeing as they can’t possibly have developed further into maturity) apparently decided that my car contained valuables which shouldn’t be owned by me. The news i got was this “listen, i think somebody’s smashed in your driver side window mate”. I was like??? say again? in this VERY quiet neighbourhood somebody’s demolishing cars? or wasn’t i getting the gist of what actually happened?

So i trapsize out to the front of our house where my car was parked and could clearly see the leftovers of my window lying on the ground.

I love my car and some punk ass touched it! not only did this idiot actually touch it with his hands, but he actuall broke the window.

I keep my car pristine looking – i wash and wax it every weekend – i drive it quite gently (meaning, i don’t zoom around like some moron)…basically i take VERY good care of it. dont miss a service, checks the oil frequently..etc etc…and some fucknut put his hands on it.

Luckily i’m ensured (guess it comes in handy for the first time in more than 10 years of driving without an accident or a claim) by the RAC – which some say are dearer than most other insurance companies, but the thing is i pay very well for service..not just for a piece of paper.

I didn’t even have to explain to the claims agent that I seriously loved my car and really wanted it fixed like..now!..no, while i was on hold he sorted out for me to bring it to Instant Windscreens in Osbourne Park and get it fixed within 45 minutes. I was damn happy – but, unfortunately they couldn’t get the window tinting done at such short notice..but i can quite happily live with that for a couple of days.

So it ends all good – but since Saturday night i’ve slept in the living room with a golf club and the dog next to me – just hoping somebody will come back…actually, i’d like to advertise the opportunity for some dumbass to come visit my car again very soon….i promise, it wont hurt..for long.

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  1. Mike Hall
    March 11, 2007 at 09:48

    Brian, I used to own an ’86 BMW M635. TWICE, some son of a bitch ran a key all along the sides of it. Had I caught the offender, he would still not be able to hold a key in his hand to this day.

    Another time, I watched from a distance as a guy parking his piece of junk drove into the driver side door. Amazingly, I remained calm as I walked up to him. He denied hitting the car at first. He even had to reverse back because the door was stopping his progress. I pointed to the emerald green paint on his bumper and how it exactly matched the paint on my car. He asked me how much to repair it. I suggested that he should settle through his insurance, and that in future, he should be careful what he hits.

    His insurance company wanted me to take it to some back street repairer. I explained that my car was perfect before their client hit it, and it would be perfect afterwards as I fully intended to take it to a repairer of my choice. I won.

  2. March 11, 2007 at 22:31

    Sorry to hear about your “mishaps” Mike – would have seriously pissed me off as well.

    Wanton and blatant damage is actually worse than somebody breaking into the car – at least (probably not going to hold up in court tho) they had a reason rather than just being stupid pricks.

    i’ve never had an accident (touch wood..knock knock) and it irks me to think that this would have cost me nearly $1000 if i hadn’t been insured – that’s including the scratches on the car door from the glass (or a belt buckle, not sure) and the tear in my door panel on the inside from either a knife or possibly the glass again. all this for the complete loot of 1 1/2 package of chewing gum!!!

    that warrants at least a couple of broken bones..at a minimum…

  3. March 13, 2007 at 08:28

    Had my new car (few years back), three days and some punk coined all the main panels. Repair cost – $5000! Needless to say insurance does not cover minor scratches like this they tell me! Security cameras got the dickheads, but the resolution was too poor to ID them in. Ended up just buffing the main damage. I can still see some of it. I tell you it makes me so angry, I worked hard to get the car at the time it was my gift to myself for a very busy/hellish year. The damage sure took the gloss of the car in question in many ways.

    The problem is the car looked new. This pissed me off, I look after my car (like you). I wax it and service it regularly. But now I only park it in public when is dirty and needs a wash, and doesn’t look new. This works a treat, they just think its another older model and ignore it.

    These pricks hate people having more than they can get and assumed that they should have it too. That life owes them something, which it doesn’t!

    Sounds to me like you got the sharped large screwdriver treatment. They are easy to hide down a pants leg etc..

  4. March 13, 2007 at 17:54

    Hey Gary,

    sorry to hear about your incident mate…that would seriously have pissed me off even bigger if the insurance company went on that thread. seriously, what’s insurance for if not to cover for malicious damage.

    and $5000 is hardly “minor scratches”…you should spill the beans on the insurance company in question and get word out there..might be they’ll learn from this incident.

    and you’re right – it’s an inbreed disposition towards stupidity, eg. they think somebody else owe them something….

    it was definitely a screwdriver – the marks are still there at the top of the velour panel on the window frame….there’s a few things i’d like to do to somebody with that screwdriver!

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