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It’s actually surprised me quite a bit that the results for searching for Hosted Team Foundation Server on Google or Live Search shows up

I’m sure there’s plenty of technical issues around such a service, but insofar as i can see it would be a brilliant step (if you could get in there fast enough) to gain a market share that’s virtually limitless at the moment.

Anyways, i was searching around through forums, news groups, mailing lists, blogs and i couldn’t find anything – again, odd..maybe i’m growing senile and missed out on some keywords in my search?

Lastly i resorted to my MSN list – and the first one i pick is Darren Neimke on my DotNet grouped list of contacts..and wouldn’t you know – he pointed me to Mitch Denny’s blog (hmmm…how’d i miss that one?) and told me that Readify is actually looking at getting a Hosted TFS service up and running.

Obviously its not live and ready to rock just yet but Mitch Denny is asking for feedback on his blog from interested parties.

I do seriously hope Readify gets this off the ground…i would personally pay to have my own account set up there.

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  1. March 22, 2007 at 05:46

    Hi Brian,

    I am interested to understand your usage scenario. Are you looking at a team of multiple developers – how many? What sort of build requirements do you have?

  2. March 22, 2007 at 07:30

    Hi Mitch,

    well, first and foremost i need to speak to the IT Manager here, who’s been interested in getting TFS up and running, but we haven’t been able to justify the licensing and hardware costs just yet.

    We run two .Net teams for two seperate products, one ASP.Net and one Windows Client and another team for VC++ for another product.

    Currently the two .Net teams integrate via a series of services and the common projects are built overnight – Each client (web and winform) also have their own seperate builds, which i believe is hourly.

    So yes – there would most likely be multiple teams of multiple developers with seperate builds…

  3. June 4, 2009 at 20:30

    We’ve been hosting TFS for clients large and small for almost 2 years, (first in North America). It’s called “TeamDevCentral”, (TDC).

    We are a certified MS partner and providing free trials in partnership with MS. Use Option 2 for a hosted trial:

    If you’re interested in an established, reliable and secure hosted TFS solution, you can also visit us at directly at:

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