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Is this normal, or am i being anal?

March 27th 2007 in 2101, 2552, 3118, 3254, 3267

One of the tools i use is ReSharper – i love this tool and cannot…live…without…it..

A feature i really like is the code analysis bar on the right hand side of the code window.

I especially love seeing the little square go green – and stay that way.

Of course, this has its drawbacks, especially when working in a team environment since whenever i see this:

I rush over and fiddle with the code till it turns green.

It does really matter what it is since the warnings can be quite varied..i just cant help myself..

sometimes when i’m waiting for a file to be checked in, or a build to complete on the server…or just passing a few moments “thinking” of some problem or possible solution…i flick over to a file that i know has a warning in it and start going through a few warnings.

I mean, there’s really nothing wrong with using .ToString()…but sometimes it’s redundant to do so…and i remove it…

so, am i being anal or is this normal?

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“Is this normal, or am i being anal?”

Myles Eftos

I spent three hours last night re-jigging some HTML, so that the little red cross in my browser turned green, so no – not anal – totally normal :)


phew – i’m very happy to hear that….i was starting to think i was loosing my mind :)


I do the same thing…I get obsessed with the green light..and it’s cool when you open someone’s code who doesn’t have resharper…spend a couple of minutes and get the green light.


Hi Bronwen, i’ve been reading yours and John’s blog for a while now…nice stuff!!

Yeah – it’s almost becoming an obsession for me these days. It feels good to open up a previous file and see the green light still shows up.

I’ve been wondering if there’s any plugins available out there to extend the Code Analysis from file to project/solution level? now THAT would be great!!

James Green

I’m just the same with NCover.

If I find a module that has like 85% coverage then I’m straight into NCoverExplorer and don’t sleep until it’s >97%

Here’s the messed up part: There are plenty of files here that are lucky to break 35% coverage, they don’t evoke the same irrational reaction – but if I see one that has high-but-not-perfect coverage I go like a dog with a bone.

Also I can’t tell you if it is ‘normal’ by broader sociological metrics, but certainly not uncommon in tech circles :-)


Hi Brian,

Thank..good to see you worked out we’re 2 separate people…some ppl think SoulSolutions has a split personality. I thought the pici would have given it away :)

Code analysis on the project/solution…while that would be cool…i don’t think i’d obsess over it as much esp. if it’s a big code base with LOTS of red…might seem too big to tackle.


if it was a split personality its doing really well that’s for sure…

but – this line “Two people doing their own thing.” was a giveaway fairly early on i’d say :)

code analysis on the project/solution…big code base…lotsa red…too big to tackle?? nah, it’d be something to do on a sunday evening when the wife and kids had gone to bed…

this incident is actually what made me realise i might have an obsessive compulsive being anal….

i installed all the demo/tutorial solutions i had downloaded over the years and actually went through the code and cleaned it up…


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I must have the best, and most humorous, collection of colleagues as I keep getting these gems sent to me.. Anyways, i found this one hillarious..thanks Jeremy!! 😉

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