Logitech S510 Cordless Keyboard – New Keyboard for the laptop

One thing i find hard to get used to is the keyboard on a laptop – it’s set too far forward, especially on a laptop the size of the Dell XPS M1710, so to alleviate the slight “discomfort” i get from using the keyboard i went out and bought myself a new Logitech keyboard.

I’m a bit of a Logitech fan i must admit. They look good but most importantly they fit my wrist position perfectly. On my desktop i have a Logitech G15 and use a G7 cordless mouse seeing as i’m a gamer, and although not as slim as i like, it feels comfortable.

So today i got a new one, to supplement my laptop while it’s parked on my desk at home – am not going to drag the keyboard with me outside, so it’s only for home use.

I didn’t want to spend too much for just a part-time keyboard so I looked at the low-end, no frills Logitech keyboards and actually think this one looks sleek. It’s small which is good as my desktop real-estate is starting to becom expensive (am looking for a new desk as it is).

Anyways, the Logitech Cordless S510 is pretty neat to be honest, while the mouse is feeling a bit lousy – so i wouldn’t recommend buying this for anybody who has high requirement to the mouse (the G7 on the other hand is very nice).

At this stage i’m not going to bother installing SetPoint – have never been happy with SetPoint’s performance to be honest – especially not since i get tons of crashes from SetPoint on the G15, using Vista. The Media display in the LCD keeps crashing.

Anyways, for AU$99.95 it’s definitely one of the best keyboards i’ve used so far. Did i mention that it also looks great?