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Perth Central Tafe Presentation – Professional .Net Development

April 18th 2007 in 2101, 2102, 2104, 2552, 3118

Today I had the longest presentation i’ve yet to do – nearly 4hrs long – for Perth Central Tafe, a tertiary educational institution.

I broke the presentation down into 4 main groups:

  • .Net Framework – Overview of a development platform
  • ASP.Net – Working with the web
  • ADO.Net – Data manipulation and beyond
  • Tools of the trade – Visual Studio 2005, Expression Web and SQL Server 2005 Express

Here’s a few screenshots – i used Office Powerpoint 2007 and the themes built it comes with per default..Actually quite happy with Powerpoint 2007 compared to earlier versions..

First slide..

history of ASP.Net

ADO.Net architecture

It was quite a success, but 4hrs is definitely a bit too long for only 1 presenter. I did give plenty of breaks, but for some reason each of my own “breaks” was taken up with answering questions…Still it was good to see the enthusiasm and how the interest spread quickly.

We also went over time by roughly 40 minutes as more questions came in – this time for how to implement interfaces and how to bind a custom collection to a GridView.

All in all, it was great – the organise, Helen Burgess covered her ankle brilliantly by providing me with plenty of coffee.

So, thanks for the introduction goes to Helen and to Perth Central Tafe for having me present.


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