– Orcas Beta 1 Available – no fix for my problems that i can see :(

Finally – “Orcas” is out of CTP and the first public Beta has been released, as was mention on the CSharpZealot.com forums by Stu Smith from FeedGhost.

I’m very tempted to download the Beta, but i’m having some serious reservations after the debacle i had with the March CTP. I’ve tried to find out if the problem i got with NGEN and MSCORSVW has been sorted, but nothing i can find anywhere leads me to believe it’s even been noticed.

Since i ended up downloading 3 seperate file sets of the CTP (to a total of about 14Gb) i am hoping to find out from other sources if the problems are purely mine and not something native to Orcas.

I nearly threw my brand new laptop after Dell when this kept happening. But luckily i found out what the problem was, though not why it was doing it, and simply uninstalling Orcas, shut down the services, uninstall .Net 2.0..then re-install .Net 2.0 fixed the memory issues i was having with NGEN and MSCORSVW.

I’ve still not found anybody else who’d the same problems i did, which leads me to believe that it’s isolated to me alone, though i can’t see what could have caused it, other than the Orcas install..it was a fresh Vista install..well all three times i tried it.

Anyways, unless i can get some light shed on this and my concerns erased, i think i’m going to have to sit Orcas out till it’s in full productions. It saddens me that i have to do this, but i just can’t afford to have this laptop go down hill for me.

Link to – Orcas Beta 1 Available