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Computer says no – FeedGhost competition for April concluded

May 1st 2007 in 2558

The first FeedGhost competition to run on has been concluded.

It was slow month but that was to be expected considering the young age of the community – barely 2 months in total.

The two winners are:

Bronwen –

Michael Minutillo –

Both will receive a 1 year subscription for FeedGhost, courtesy of Stu and Lee.

Congratulations guys!!

We will continue the competition for May – so start posting.

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“ – FeedGhost competition for April concluded”

Mike Minutillo

I want to thank Scott Hanselman and Chris Sells. Brian of course. Good night everyone, you’ve been great.

No really, at first I was skeptical but FeedGhost has some killer features which just grab you and won’t let go. I’m looking forward to a year of use and I’m sure I’ll be paying for the following year as well.

Cheers Brian.

Stu Smith

Congratulations you two! And congrats to Brian as well for getting a full-featured community site up and running so darn fast.

Just send me an email ( once you’ve registered an we’ll give you the year free.


Stu (FeedGhost)


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