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May 27th 2007 in 2558, 2928, 3022, 3254

Thursday morning I went by Nick Randolph’s place to take part in a podcast about the development community in Perth…oh and me 😉

Nick runs The Microsoft Developer Show over at The Podcast Network and have had quite a few good shows on in the time he’s been at the wheel. Amongst those “interviewed” has been David Lemphers, Mitch Denny and Rob Farley so I feel pretty good about joining these guys on the list of guests.

Nick is one of the forerunners in the Perth development community and as such is a prime role-model for developers wanting to shed some skin and get involved with the community.

Even with the ipod acting up and skipping a few minutes out of the whole conversation, it came across pretty good.

So what did we talk about? well, obviously me 😉 but more importantly the Perth development community as a whole and what’s going on around us.

We talked about the SQL Server User Group, the development community I’m getting up and running, which i might add has some fantastic support from both Orcsweb, Telligent, Stu and Lee from Feedghost and of course not to forget Darren Neimke..A few things about Perth’s booming financial influx which obviously also means more companies are investing in their IT needs, the job situation over here as well as what actually goes around the .Net scene in Perth.

One thing i should quickly mention for those of you who runs over and listens to the the podcast i mention CSharpZealot’s moderators and said that they’re all from Perth. Not quite true…The moderator for the SQL Server section is Rob Farley, who lives in Adelaide..Sorry bad.

Anyways, drop on by theshow and have a’s not quite as boring as you would have expected.


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