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Defy All Challenges – Microsoft Visual Studio

June 5th 2007 in 2104, 2115, 2939

I caught a glimpse at this ad today on one of the sites i frequent when i’m terribly bored. It looked pretty cool and eventhough i’m rarely in the habit of clicking on ads i just had to check it out – so, mission accomplished for the marketing department 😉


What it brought me to was somewhat of a surprise:



Without revealing all too much (you have to see this to make your own judgement..seriously) there’s quite a few videos on the go, have a laugh.

Granted, it’s about Visual Studio…and yes, i’m a VS-tart big time…and yes, it’s MSFT…hmm ok i’m biased but it still rocks!!

One of the features i will reveal is the ability to view and rate videos on the site – which pretty much is showed to you in a futuristic “gaming” style can pan around, when you choose a feature you’re moved across the landscape..all in all it’s a very pretty (and addictive) site.

One thing though – and here i’m going to smack the marketing department…it’s a great looking site, seriously…but Flash?? maybe using another technology would have been more..errr…suitable? a damn good job is done with the site..seriously it’s got eye-candy and i’m a sucker for it…but…you…are…showing…off…the…wrong…technology!!!

It pretty much shows how big MSFT really is…a keyword has been forgotten here…it’s called (Yes, spell it with me!!) C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N…somebody should probably have checked out what’s on the horizon in terms of technology before decking out and showing how great a site you can make…with….Flash :(

Defy All Challenges – Microsoft Visual Studio


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