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ask a SQL guru – Virtual SQL Server help, by Frank Arrigo’s Blog

June 9th 2007 in 2103, 2533

It’s not only innovative thinking which led Peter Ward, SQL Server MVP Australia, to set up together with a group of other SQL Server specialist and gurus. 

I found this today on Frank Arrigo’s blog – thanks for spreading the word on this Frank!

After taking a look around I have to admit that these guys are definitely gurus and there’s already a range of screencasts and articles available.

Good working guys!!

ask a SQL guru


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Now this is an event I would have sold a kidney just to attend!! right down my alley that’s for sure as architecture is one of my main developer/project passions. Nick Mayhew announced the event on this blog here – though, i see (sadly) that events like this which really pushes the technology ahead, is again […]

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