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Silverlight version incompatibility…

July 3rd 2007 in 2552, 4499

I’m working on a little side project which has just ground totally to a halt.

i’ve done all the research, all the tutorials and it’s about time to put it all together…and then..durrr…not going to happen just yet.

I wanted to create a silverlight sidebar gadget and thought i’d use Expression Blend, Silverlight and VS2008 “Orcas”.

Well, to create a Silverlight application in “Orcas” you need the Silverlight Visual Studio extension for version 1.1 Alpha.

To create a Silverlight project in Expression Blend, you need Silverlight 1.0.

Unfortunately version 1.1 Alpha is NOT backwards compatible with version 1.0 in terms that version 1.1 Alpha will not allow you to create a Silverlight project in Expression Blend.

Bummer i say..I guess i have to wait till Silverlight catches up..or Blend catches up..

either way, it’s on the backburner for now – been trawling the interweb to locate a solution, but so far it’s a no-go.

any suggestions?

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“Silverlight version incompatibility…”

frank arrigo

why dont you try popfly?

your mashup can be exported as a sidebar gadget

Brian Madsen

Hey Frank,

because Popfly explorer etc are not compatible with Visual Studio 2008 “Orcas”..

only VS2005…and i want to rock this with some cutting edge stuff.

Scott told me that the reason this wasn’t working was:

in the install sequence it has
IF name == “Brian.Madsen” THEN executePissOffMode(true)

Nah, i’m suspecting its something else…i couldn’t install Blend 2 May CTP..possibly it’s time for me to apply a new image to this laptop.

had a few big issues with VS2005 after a Team Explorer install failed…got most of it fixed but still issues..

yeah, new image time i believe.


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