InnerWorkings steps up and offers free Silverlight training for members – a C#.Net centric community received good news today – namely, InnerWorkings are offering all of its members FREE Silverlight training.

The story about how this came about is quite funny. But, i’ve been on the Beta test for me.dium for a while and as it’s just been released it was also published on Facebook and here one of the guys on the me.dium team, Tobias Peggs, introduced me to Brian Finnerty, who’s involved with InnerWorkings. He noticed that I ran the community and wanted to offer our members something special.

Not only have they provided 1hr free Silverlight trianing, but they’ve also extended a discount code which entitles the members to a 20% discount on all training packages/drills in their catalogue. Guys, this is a limited time only offer so better head over, register at, and check out the promotion they’ve created, just for us!!!

Click here for more information.


– Take .NET training that’s 100% practice-based

– Gain skills by solving problems using key .NET techniques

– Work at your own pace in a realistic learning environment

– Get feedback as you learn from our code-checking engine

– Enjoy smart, engaging, and effective .NET learning

When companies come out of the woodwork and support the community, you know they are passionate about what they do. Especially in a geek-driven industry as us developers are in.

I want to thank Brian Finnerty and Claudio Perrone for taking this step forward and for making a brilliant training experience available to our members!

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  1. August 14, 2007 at 18:06

    Hey Brian,

    Good to see the free Silverlight offer out there – hope your community finds some real value in the InnerWorkings sampler and we look forward to mulling over any feedback (good, bad or ugly). Enjoy!



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