Brian H. Madsen
Computer says no goes Facebook

August 19th 2007 in 2558

Today i set up CSharpZealot on Facebook. More and more groups are going that road as it’s an easy way to keep up with news, meet people and network.


So head on over and join up..


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Shortly after blogging about a bug in the VS2008 Beta 2 release i received an email from Valentina Keremidarska from Microsoft, requesting some log files from the install.
I’m happy to say that after a few emails back and fourth, where Valentina asked me a couple of questions about previously installed products/apps, she’s found the bug, […]

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Today i set up a Wiki on our company’s intranet and everything went well till i went and wanted to add the Wiki to my Outlook 2007 as a Sharepoint List (eg. it is a feature of the list that this is possible).. but…here’s what happens when you have added it: I know i’m […]

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