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Without a doubt the biggest SQL Server even this year – SQL Down Under Code Camp

September 15th 2007 in 2103, 5507

SQLDownUnderCodeCampLogo  Information has been released for the upcoming SQL Server event of the year that you do NOT want to miss.

All details, including the first released timetable has been published here: Code Camp

Whatever you do this year, you do not want to miss out on this feast.

The event is free – that’s right, no cost involved other than getting your geeky self over there.

Getting from the airport to Wagga Wagga has at times proven difficult, but people are sharing cars etc and you can easily find a ride with those going.

Its expected to be a blast, and from the event in previous years this is going to top the chart!

I’m hoping (and expecting!) to go myself so I’ll be seeing you there!

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“Without a doubt the biggest SQL Server even this year – SQL Down Under Code Camp”


You’d better be there buddy – I’ll also be attending as well to present at SecurityCampOz which is being held same time, same place – I am *really* looking forward to seeing y’all again.

And yes, I’ve managed to score myself one of the oh-so-rare rental cars….

It’ll be interesting to see who wins the battle for attendees from 11.30 to 12.30 on the Sunday ;o)

Darren Gosbell – Integration Services Best Practices


Sandi Hardmeier – Real World Risks (aka, what are the bad guys doing to get at your users)

Brian Madsen

Hey Sandi,

Does that mean you’re going to pull the rental into the car-pool for us lowly mortals to jump on board with?

if so, you better save a spot for me :)


LOL!! As of a few minutes ago Avis had some cars available for booking online – a choice of Hyundai Getz, Toyota Corolla Ascent, Hyundai Electra, Camry Altise or Commodore (or similar). If you get in quick, you’ll be able to grab something.

Oh, and some good news – I understand Nick Randolph may call in for the festivities as well :o)


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