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Run IT on a Virtual Hard Disk

September 30th 2007 in 2103, 2115, 2551, 2939, 3175, 3267, 4375, 4838

I don’t know how often i’ve had to delay playing with a new piece of released technology, just because I was in the middle of another set of tests and simply didn’t have the time to create my own virtual server environment again to accommodate the platform i want to test.

Here’s a bit of good news – Microsoft VHD ( is a set of virtual hard disks available for download which already has the necessary bits installed.

Currently there’s a range of virtuals available:

Biztalk Server 2006 System Center Essentials 2007
Exchange Server 2007 System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007
Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite
ISA Server 2006 Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Windows Server 2008 Beta 3
Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Windows Server 2003 R3
SQL Server 2005 Windows Vista
SQL Server 2005/Exchange 2007  

Just download either Virtual PC or Virtual Server 2005 (which is free btw), and you’re ready to go!


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