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Australia goes Dynamics!!!!!

October 5th 2007 in 3197

 Wow – as if this wasn’t enough coming out of Microsoft of late..and this..we now see Australia go Dynamics!

Yeps that’s right – my babies are being let out and Microsoft Australia and the Dynamics team deserve a clap on the back, because we’re going to see some serious Dynamics Development Sessions.

Initially it’s going to start in Sydney and Melbourne – but wait – yes!!! YES!! David Lemphers is promising that Perth will see the sessions over here as well!

o O { now why did the D-man feel that he had to warn me about Perth coming..later? }

he hehe..It’s all good David, i know you got my back!

So if you’re interested in Microsoft CRM (my cat is named after the latest version, Titan), AX 5.0 or work at a company that thrives on pushing these brilliant platforms to the limit, you cannot miss out on this session once it hits Perth!

For a bit more information, head on over to David’s blog and check out the goodies: David L’s Blog : Dynamics Dev Sessions – Australia

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“Australia goes Dynamics!!!!!”


Looking forward to heading back to the West Coast B! Will be there on the 1st of May, 2008, but will see if we can’t get a trip happening earlier :)

Brian Madsen

Hey D!!!

dang – that’s great to see! If you’re coming across yourself shall we see if we can’t lure you to visit the Perth .Net CoP as well to show the flag?

MItch Wheat

erm, that’s why he’s coming on the 1st of May 2008; i.e. because I’ve lined Dave up for a talk to the Perth .NET UG!

Brian Madsen

No Mitch!! he’s coming to see me..only me!


could have told me that earlier though :p


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