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Groove – it can come in handy!

October 17th 2007 in 3267

Today i decided to start building a complete set of references for the platforms i work with. Starting with Sharepoint.

I don’t know why i never thought about doing it this way and i’m sure i can come up with a better way to store the info, by perhaps building a custom form for Groove and a custom View?

yeps – so that’s what i did! First entry was Sahil Malik’s latest tip – AutoGAC your class library on build!! awesome going!


Now, if i only now could find a Groove service provider so i could have this workspace from other PCs that would be great!

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“Groove – it can come in handy!”

Sahil Malik

Umm .. Groovy!

Brian Madsen

he hehe – that’s one way of putting it.

you don’t perchance know of a groove server hosting provider out there, do you?


Hmm, why do you need a hosting provider? I’ve got groove on 3 machines syncing happily with what ever default host it was (free personal use thing)

I’m missing something aren’t I?


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