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Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) @ Perth .Net Community of Practice

October 31st 2007 in 2101, 4368, 4436

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting on Windows Communication Foundation at the Perth .Net Community of Practice – My first presentation on .Net 3.0 and my second presentation at the user group. First one was on ADO.Net.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Brian Madsen

Join us at the Perth .NET Users Group November 1st to hear Brian Madsen present on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). The Windows Communication Foundation (previously codenamed “Indigo”) is Microsoft’s unified framework for building secure, reliable, transacted, and interoperable distributed applications. In this session, Brian will look at what WCF means as a platform for distributed applications and some of the key features and differences between WCF and ASP.Net Web Services.

TOPIC: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Brian Madsen

DATE: Nov 1st, 5:30pm

VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth

COST: Free. All Welcome.

Brian works as a Senior Software Engineer for Micromine ( – a Perth based ISV which provides software and management solutions to the mining industry internationally. Besides .Net, his passion for SQL Server lead him to organise the MS SQL Server User Group – Perth, associated with the national SQL Server organisation ( He is also the founder and administrator of CSharpZealot, a C#.Net centric online community (

So if you got a few spare hours come along and meet some of the cool guys there.

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“Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) @ Perth .Net Community of Practice”


My left arm to bethere. Briliant speaker, brilliant topic. Green with envy b/c I can’t make it.

Brian Madsen

Hey Bill,

It went relatively well…the presentation was smooth except for the fact that my .Net install screwed up and i started getting errors all over the place for my demos.

a bit dissapointing as i wanted to show how easy it is to implement WCF..guess this proved the opposite.

Sezai Komur

It was an excellent presentation and I learned quite a lot.

The conversations on security services were particularly interesting.

Demo woulda been cool, but the rest of the presentation was solid it didn’t really matter, the code examples were small and very easy to follow.

Brian Madsen

Hey Sezai,

glad to hear you enjoyed it – as you said, the DEMO would have been cool to run, but sadly, my .Net framework decided earlier on to screw up and i was stuck with what i had.

hopefully the guys at the UG will invite me back again in the new year – plenty of new stuff out there to present on these days.


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In February 2008, John O’Brien and Bronwen Zande will present at the Perth SQL Server UG. The full details has not been finalised yet but i’ll put them up and send out the notification as soon as possible. More to come….

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