Craig hits the spot…why is MSFT continuing to use Flash?

Tonight i took a breather and read up on the huge amount of blogs i’ve backed up as i’ve been faily busy these last couple of weeks.

Craig put something out there which IMHO i believe is true – MSFT is still using Adobe Flash on some of their coolest sites.

I mentioned some time back on my blog that some of the cool things that’s being done by MSFT is still done using Flash.

Here’s Craig’s post: Blog:: Craig Pringle – Why are Microsoft holding SilverLight back?

Is Microsoft holding back? i’m sure there’s reasons for the continued use of Flash, but it would be far more appropriate if they used Silverlight.

One point which I will sort of contend is that there’s a parallel between Flash and Silverlight…IMHO Silverlight beats Flash’s pants hands down, no contest..I remember in the “early” days of the interweb and having to work with was a dog and i never really understood how anybody could justify that massive amount of time you need to make even the smallest of things with it.

What can i say, i’m biased and don’t care..Flash is in my eyes dead, overused and useless…there..that’s said – now move along, nothing to see here šŸ™‚