Do corporates pay attention to blogs?

Sometimes there’s blog posts out there that makes me cry…

why? because justice was served and service became the main focus of Lenovo. All from a blogger in Perth – Michael Kleef…

Granted, there’s more than one side to the story, but it really shows how powerful blogs can be.

Michael blogged first about having to wait for ages to get a response, or even an update, to his laptop order from Lenovo. IMHO, the guy he did contact should seriously have taken a few minutes to think and then track down the REAL person that Michael needed to speak to.

Here’s a link to the follow up story from Michael:

Michael Kleef ::: MSFT : The case of the super responsive Lenovo Australia team 🙂

What can be learned from this?

A number of things – but first and foremost it shows that corporates really does pay attention to the blogosphere. The influence some of the more prominent bloggers have is amazing. Lack of original service or not, his post really is a testament to how important blogs are becoming.

Naturally it’s not the first time i’ve seen this happen – but rarely have i seen the effects cascade down the ladder this fast.

Well done Michael!

Now i seriously wish Dell would be as responsive as Lenovo was in this instance…I remember clearly the amount of grief i had with my XPS M1710 when it was first shipped which i blogged. Granted, i most likely don’t have the sphere of influence that Michael has (should i get Michael to blog these issues next time???).

On another note..Dell vs. Lenovo? It’s sometimes very hard to justify the cost of a laptop because you pay so much more for the mobility. I could have spec’ed out a seriously beast of a desktop for the price of my XPS M1710. I know we’re now 6-7 months further along than when i bought the XPS, but IMHO Lenovo is a great contender by looking at the specifications.

That is to say, that the Lenovo’s are portable, whereas the XPS M1710 isn’t really that easy to lug around. I mean, 4.8kgs is a tad heavy. But i do have a nice 17″ widescreen, a beast of a graphics card (7950GTX)..What lets this one down however is the hard drive..5400rpm oh and the battery life. I have a max of 2hrs on this one if i don’t really do anything. That’s simply just not good enough and I can see why Dell has pulled the M1710 off the shelf. It’s a desktop replacement, without the flexibility of a desktop.

So, am i jealous of Michael’s T61?’s beautiful and packs a punch. Hopefully he’ll show it off once he takes possession of it in the (near?) future.

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  1. November 13, 2007 at 14:20

    My name is John, and I am a support analyst at Dell headquarters. I am one of the people here at Dell that reads and responds to blogs for a living, and I have to say that with the number of blogs being written every day, I’m not surprised that we missed yours. We didn’t this time, and if you still need any help, please feel free to ping me.

    You can reach me here:

    I’d be happy to help you in any way I can.

    Dell Customer Advocate

  2. November 13, 2007 at 17:39

    Hey John,

    Thanks for commenting.

    At the moment I don’t really need any more help – everything was litterally sorted when i blew away the OS installed by Dell without the massive amount of “bloatware” it was coated with. The default image used had far too many applications which clashed with Vista due to bad drivers. Same really went for some of the hardware.

    that has been sorted now as new drivers for the hardware has been released since.

    But thanks for giving me the contact details for somebody who can assist if/when i should get into more trouble with it.


    p.s. I guess the fact that John from Dell commented here does indeed show how much of an impact blogs are having and that corporates definitely does pay attention to them.

    I actually wasn’t aware that Dell had people that solely went through blogs. Good move!

  3. November 15, 2007 at 11:40

    Blogs DO have an impact. My job is proof.

    Myself and several others began doing this at Dell a year and a half ago, in response to an executive directive from Michael Dell. Since then we’ve had great responses, and have helped around 5000 people.

    I’m glad you’ve got everything sorted out. If you run into any problems with this, let me know!

    Dell Customer Advocate

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