2 (Two) faces to XNA??

After my earlier nap on the bus i’m feeling refreshed again so decided to trawl through the blogs i subscribe to (as i so often do) and see that Scott Barnes blogged about the two upcoming XNA events held in November.

I was excited, to put it literally, as i read the opening paragraph.

To get XNA in the hands of trillions, in order to ensure XBOX Games like Halo3 continue to evolve so that I will eventually succumb to “death by XBOX 360”.

Man did my excitement grow..MSFT was going to hold nation wide XNA events..Even though i’m not a game developer this was something i just had to attend.

Then i read on.

Training Requirements:

It’s simple men/women, ensure you show up at these key locations with your I’m an XNA Coder secret decoder ring (actually just show up wearing clothes and having at least showered once this week).

Woah!!! no pre-requisites except to get one of them rings???

As i was sitting here, i didn’t expect the flying drop kick to my jaw which shattered my chin, cheek bone and drove my molars into my gums…Sydney…oh, and wait..Melbourne…what a surprise!

I half expected the list to go on and was looking for a registration link which could have looked like this:


following the tradition of the other 2 (two) registration/event links:




The irony isn’t lost of me Scott…”To get XNA in the hands of trillions…” obviously means Perth is going not part of the “trillion” calculation.

Again, i know Perth is smaller than Sydney and Melbourne and i’m also sure the events aren’t organised by Microsoft Australia – most likely it’s done in Redmond.

So are Redmond totally unaware of the lack of events this state is seeing compared to Sydney and Melbourne? Not to forget Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra? Who can then bring this to their attention?

I had a very interesting conversation today with a Microsoft Gold Partner in Perth and the topic eventually entered Microsoft in Perth and how often we’re loosing out.

I would dearly love to see the numbers that justifies Perth missing out constantly..obviously i’m not big enough a fish to get access to those, but it would be interesting..

So who can we go to if we want to get the attention of Redmond?

  2 comments for “2 (Two) faces to XNA??

  1. November 13, 2007 at 19:31

    Just got word, the reason why Perth was missed out was simply due to Pete’s downunder on holidays and at since he was in the neighbourhood as a favour to us, he would do two events like this.

    He’s actually down planning his wedding and Brian, you can have a go at convincing his wife to shif the wedding over to Perth 😉 (but fear a bride when they are in planning mode.. most men know.. standback, don’t get in the way and try not screwup the tasks you have been given).


  2. November 13, 2007 at 22:33

    Hey Scott,

    Shame – but in terms of Pete then that’s understandable.

    Is there any way we can get some type of XNA event over here? if we got the numbers would it be a feasability (obviously not with Pete)?

    And i might be brave, but i’m not suicidal..stand in the way of a bride-to-be plans?? yeah, right! i didn’t even dare do that when my wife was in “planning mode”.

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