stupid bus and sleepless nights…

Here’s one of the dumbest episodes of my life.

First some background.

As habit is, i walk my dog at night time just after my kids has gone to bed and being that it’s now summer time it means that mozzies are now going rampant in all their horny glory.

So i acquired 19 mozzie bites on my legs and it’s itching like mad. Hence i didn’t get any sleep last night but felt that i could go through the day.

Our offices is near the top of St Georges Terrace in Perth and i wanted to go see a client and get some Lotus Notes databases from them which we’re migrating into MOSS 2007.

So i leave the office and head down the terrace – it’s hot outside so i decide to jump on the nearest bus going down the terrace and cut the 15-20 minute walk out with a bus ride instead.

Now, after about 2-3 minutes the gentle rocking of the bus + the heat knocks me i fall asleep in the bus – route 37 i believe…then some time passes by and somebody shakes my shoulder gently, asking me if i had to get off at this stop.

I look out the window and see i’m at Perth Airport…… the hell did i get to Perth Airport????? i was just going down the terrace.

Stupid bus! couldn’t it have NOT gone to the airport? seriously, i didn’t want to go to the airport, but here i was.

Naturally I answer no and tell the driver i was just going down the terrace…nice…response was..i need to buy a ticket then…did i have cash on me? no…Anyways..i look a bit guilty and it must have shown. Luckily he lets me off and we head back to town.

I nearly fall asleep again on my way back to town..stop off at the bottom of the terrace and head over to my car, thanking the bus driver for the nap.

Lesson learned..stand up in the bus if I have to go down the terrace instead of sitting down.

  2 comments for “stupid bus and sleepless nights…

  1. Trev
    November 13, 2007 at 03:43

    ha! what a place to end up. unlucky one.

  2. November 14, 2007 at 15:34

    by my reckoning the bus had actually been at the airport twice before i got woken up…

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