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Computer says no gets hit by malware via their ads

November 13th 2007 in 2533

Sandi Hardmeier uncovered a local, high volume site which had been infected with malware through their advertising/banner ads etc.

Sensis has been hit well and truely so please avoid the / and of course as they’re all run under the same system.

for more details on this head on over to Sandi’s blog:

Malwarealarm hits – Spyware Sucks

Well done Sandi for uncovering this hijack…

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“ gets hit by malware via their ads”

Danielle @ Sensis

Hi there – I wanted to provide a quick update on the issue we’ve had with an online advertisement running on our network of sites.

But first of all, I too would like to thank Sandi on behalf of Sensis for quickly alerting us to this issue.

Today we acted swiftly to remove a sabotaged banner advertisement that was running on our popular sites such as,,, as well as Telstra’s BigPond portal.

We were notified this morning that a banner advertisement for US travel website, had been sabotaged with malicious code to lure users to download a free malware protection program. Once downloaded, the program then installs spyware on a users PC.

As an immediate step, we removed the advertisement from our MediaSmart ad network and we’re continuing work to ensure the advertisement can no longer be accessed online.

Please know we treat online security with the utmost importance and we are absolutely committed to doing all we can to prevent this type of thing occurring again.

For anyone concerned they may have been exposed to any type of malicious code, we suggest running a scan of your computer files using an up-to-date anti-virus program.

And of course the best protection when online is to ensure you are running an up-to-date operating system on your PC, with all the latest upgrades and security patches available from your software provider, as well as running the latest anti-virus and spyware protection programs from reputable providers.

We recommend you also take care when downloading programs to ensure you know exactly what the program and is and who is providing it to you.


Danielle Horan, Sensis

Brian Madsen

Hi Danielle,

I’m very happy to hear that you took Sandi’s warnings seriously and acted expediently and decisively.

Ad networks are constantly being infected and some are faster than others.

Considering the volumne of traffic the Sensis sites (WhitePages, YellowPages and WhereIs) receives it’s good to know that you’re on the ball.

I commend Sensis for acting this fast and getting rid of the infected ads.

Well done Danielle!


Hi Brian,

So far the Sensis sites look clean. I’ve now moved on to proving proof of malicious banner advertisements at sites such as and … and the same advertising network names keep popping up.



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