The master of MOSS 2007 releases MOSS training DVD

Sahil Malik, has just announced the release of his long awaited MOSS 2007 training DVD – an absolute MUST have for this Christmas if you work with MOSS 2007.

Sahil is probably one of the best in the market these days on the topic of MOSS 2007 and has just been “converted” to a MOSS MVP which was great news to the MOSS community!

At the meager price of USD$695 you get the best of the best in MOSS.

That being said, this isn’t just a personal development training DVD, but should be seriously considered by corporates.

Its a great basis for training (durr, it’s a training DVD, go figure) but also to get new staff quickly up to speed on MOSS – not to forget to get some of us old dogs back into line and ensure that there’s a flat level of knowledge within the company you work for.

The DVD is definitely not just for new starters, but contain plenty of golden nuggets on topics.

Sahil is not only an accomplished consultant, but has over the years been producing a wealth of articles for both and

Some of the topics covered in this DVD is:

  • Preparing a good Sharepoint environment
  • Building Sharepoint sites
  • Sharepoint security
  • Content types
  • Leveraging VSeWSS for Team Development
  • Sharpeoint as a WCM
  • Writing custom web parts
  • Excel Services
  • Levaraging InfoPath
  • Workflows in MOSS
  • BDC, the business data catalog
  • Administration and monitoring

What more can you seriously ask for?

Not only do you get some brilliant videos but you also get the source code that’s shown in the videos!

I honestly can’t think of anybody else to learn from!

Way to go Sahil!

  2 comments for “The master of MOSS 2007 releases MOSS training DVD

  1. December 7, 2007 at 11:46

    Wow man!! Thanks.

    I think the DVD is good, it has a lot of content packed very tightly, so hopefully everyone will gain a lot from it.

  2. December 7, 2007 at 19:29

    Hey Sahil,

    Can’t wait to see the content – it’s bound to be a top seller!

    Congratulations on the renewal of your MVP award and on getting move over to the Sharepoint group..

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